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United Dhaka Pharmacy is an independent, family owned and operated community pharmacy in Sunnyside, NY. We accept electronic prescriptions and all major health insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. We offer a wide selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as free delivery and pick-up services to our patients.


Our friendly staff is highly experienced and ready to assist you. Please visit us!

Zaman Khundkar, RPh, MBA



Zaman has over 20 years of pharmacy experience and is the the supervising pharmacist and owner of United Dhaka Pharmacy. He is originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been working as a pharmacist in North America for the past 17 years. Zaman's wife and two children all work in healthcare and are frequent faces seen in this family-owned pharmacy. 


Zaman has a passion for healthcare and is dedicated to serving the local Sunnyside community.   

Mahmud Hossain (Milton), RPh


Milton has 20+ years of pharmacy experience and is the co-owner of United Dhaka Pharmacy. He is also the owner and supervising pharmacist at Dhaka Pharmacy and Comfort Pharmacy in Jackson Heights, NY. Milton is originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh and now lives in Long Island with his wife and two children.  

Milton is very well connected to the local community in Queens and committed to building strong relationships with patients and prescribers.  

Jennifer Par


Jennifer is a New York native and has experience in working in retail stores. Her bubbly personality allows her to develop lasting relationships with our customers and help them select products in the pharmacy. 

Jennifer is fluent in both Spanish and English and is always eager to help with a smile. 

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